Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March Update!!!

March has been a busy month for us. Dad finished his face treatment. We tended some grandkids, and we went to Mexico.
Dad's face healing up after the treatment. He looks so handsome.
This sunset was in Paige, AZ on our way down to Rocky Point
This was taken by the condo

Just bein lazy on the beach

My handsome man.
We had a great time in Mexico, we hope to take a family trip this fall to Rocky Point.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Dad is under treatment for sun damaged skin. It's going on two and a half weeks now, and he has a week and a half left to go. The cream he uses is the same drug they use for chemo.The new babies Benji and Zaylor

Harlie, Kix, Adele
For the time in way to many years Grandma came to visit. We had a really really wonderful time (doing genealogy). While she was here all the kids but Tiff and her family came down. We took some four generation pictures. Wish we would have got Ryan and his family.
Mom, Grandma, Isaac, Whitney
Kix, Shai, Grandma, Mom, Oakley
Morgan, Harlie, Grandma, Mom
Zoey, Jenna, Grandma, Zaylor, Mom
For Valentines Day Scott got me this beautiful new cabinet. Thank you Scott your such a wonderful husband I love you so much.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Happy New Year!! New Years resolution: try to blog more than once a year. To that end here is my January blog. January 7th I got braces, hopefully I can get used to them soon.
Second I repainted the Great Room, I really like the color and I love how it turned out.
This is the picture that all the kids gave Scott amd I for Christmas. We love the picture and thank them for getting it for us.
Here is some of the kids just hanging out
We went to Vegas last weekend to see Tiff Dan and the girls. While we were there we visited the dam.
And went to the hidden waterfall, we saw mountain goats.
We walked up to the falls which was mostly frozen.
We had a really good time its always nice to visit with the kids.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Pictures are going to be at 11:00 on the 3rd. Everyone be here and bring your clothes. I have flowers for all the little girls.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Christmas was wonderful this year. We had all the kids home except Whitney, Brent and Isaac who were in Vegas with Brent's family. Altho they were home the week before Christmas which was alot of fun. We had our usual Christmas eve; dinner, the Christmas story, and opening a Christmas eve gift (Always P.J.s). Christmas morning we all got up and opened our gifts. Scott had worked all night so he was pretty tired. Somehow he was able to sleep thru all the noise and chaos.

We then had a great breakfast. We messed around with all the little ones for awhile, Ryan, Emma and their kids had to leave early. We had dinner around 4p.m. and not long after that Jenna, Dustin and Zoey had to go. It is always so wonderful to be surrounded by our loved ones. I'm thankful for any opportunity that gets us together.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


check her hands out, she thought rubbing potatoes into her hands would make them smoother.

sitting a the table enjoying a great bounty and each others company

having breakfast after leaving walmart on black friday. we got up at 3:00 a.m. so we could be sure we got the things we wanted for christmas. made for a long day but we had a good time.
the christmas tree decorators.
we put up this tree on saturday for the kids to decorate.

Air show in Vegas

We had a fun time with the Brooks. Tyda loved being with her papa. We went to the shark reef and had a good time looking at all the fishes. Thanks Tiffy & Dan for letting us invade your space.

At the air show we spent most of the time standing in line. Hours standing in line. But it was fun once we got in. The jets were loud and amazing we were suitably impressed.